King Racing Big End Bearings VW 4 Cylinder
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King offers the most reliable bearing for a street/strip motor, available in the HP line. It is capable of taking high loads for short duration’s of time while offering superior embedability and conformability characteristics. If the circle track is more your type, King recommends the XP line of bearings due to its ability to sustain very high RPM’s for extended periods of time. Have a billet crank? No problem. All King HP and XP performance bearings are narrowed to clear large billet aftermarket crankshafts.

What makes King Bearings better than the leading competitor? King uses the strongest overlay material available for race engines. King’s unique black surface is not just for looks. The black overlay is a result of their revolutionary hardening process.

  • Item #: CR4104XP

King Racing Big End Bearings VW 4 Cylinder

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