Catcams 1.8t Camshafts Various Grinds
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We offer a selection of grinds to suit most needs. Please inquire if you have any queries to which will suit you don't hesitate to contact us.

You can have a mild grind such as the 3651 or 3660, more of a higher performance cam such as the 3656 which is used in plenty of high horsepower builds in excess of 600hp but retains stock like idle. You also have the 3658 which provides even more flow higher up the rev range with a more performance based idle to the strip based 3652 cam aimed more at the all out drag cars.

Some of these grinds are known by other names online such as 3660's AKA Bob Q's custom Purples so please don't discredit some due to lack of information.

Part Number Duration 0.1mm Duration 1.0mm Maximum Lift Lift at TDC
3660 240/230 210/200 8.75/9.75mm 0.29/0.23mm
3651 245/262 207/217 8.25/9.95mm 0.30/0.95mm
3652 268/282 226/233 9.25/11.00mm 1.30/1.95mm
3656 268/246 226/210 9.25/10.00mm 1.51/0.26mm
3658 268/263 226/217 9.25/9.95mm 1.30/0.95mm



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Catcams 1.8t Camshafts Various Grinds

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